A Post-Apoctalyptic LARP in Wentzville, MO

"Where the horizon of daylight and the brink of destruction meet,
we will be standing together to wait for the fight"

The Characters
Live Action Role Play (LARP)
brings many unique personaltities
together to create an immersive
gameplay experience for the players
The Surroundings
We are glad to have the ability to use
Rotary Park in Wentzville, MO as our
main playing location, which is also
home to the STL Renaissance Festival!
The Authorities
We have a lovely group of Admins
and Moderators, as well as several
councils, that keep the entire game
running smoothly and efficiently!
What  exactly  is  Fall  Of  Man ?

 Fall of Man is a free Post-Apocalyptic
Live Action Roleplay right here in St. Louis!

 A Live Action Role Play (or LARP) involves  a bunch of players pretending to be their characters and working off a set of rules. Every action is improvised by the players, and through collaboration they tell a story. LARP is much like Dungeons and Dragons with no dice or table.  

   The year is 2326, several centuries following the collapse of humanity (AKA, the second Fall of Man). Your character just made their way to Greyfell, a forest outside militaristic rule in the western former United States. At your first session, you will meet all sorts of unique characters as they fight for survival, be they players or NPC’s. The moderators present a mission or two every session, adding an overarching story to spice things up.

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Next Session Dates: October 29th, November 19th,  January 7th