About Us
 What Are We?
    Fall of Man is a free Post-Apocalyptic Live Action Roleplay right here in St. Louis! A Live Action Role Play (or LARP, for short,) involves a bunch of players pretending to be their characters and working off a set of rules. Every action is improvised by the players, and through collaboration they tell a story. LARP  is much like Dungeons and Dragons with no dice or table.
    Fall of Man is set in a Post-Apocalyptic world. The year is 2326, several centuries following the collapse of humanity (AKA, the second Fall of Man). Your character just made their way to Greyfell,
a forest outside militaristic rule in the western former United States. At your first session,
you will meet all sorts of unique characters as they fight for survival, be they players or NPC’s. The moderators present a mission or two every session, adding an overarching story to spice things up.
Why Is It Free?
The moderators created this game inspired by certain live action multiplayer games, such as
Humans Versus Zombies and Assassination. We wanted to create a game that, once completed, would be accessible to many clubs and groups across the globe without worry of forking over
fees just to do what they love. Sure, we accept donations, but it is only to put physical representations like currency and shop items into the game. No player has to pay a cent to
play Fall of Man. We wanted to dedicate this game as a love letter to everyone who had the
courage to try something new and give our work of art a chance. The reward we get is the satisfaction on our players faces at the end of each session, the hype that ensues when a session
day is announced, and hearing players say Fall of Man made their lives infinitely more interesting.
Wait, “Once Completed?”
Fall of Man is still in development. We have reached a state where our primary mechanics are set
in stone, but every few months we release an update, patching small fixes here and there and
adding a fun new feat or two. The best way to stay updated is to join our facebook page (shown
on the opposite side of the board), where you’ll find the latest fixes and changes in the pinned post.
Where Do You Play?

    You’re going to like this one. The city of Wentzville owns the grounds of Rotary Park
(found at 2577 W Meyer Rd, Foristell, MO 63348), which you may know for the St. Louis
Renaissance Faire. While the Faire owns the buildings, and we may not use them or go inside,
the park is public. We get the full experience of an abandoned town without having to build one,
or cost you guys a cent!

How Do I Create A Character?
If you’ll look in the index at the start of the rulebook, you’ll find things are ordered in the easiest-to-understand way. Just follow each step from Races and decide what stands out to you the most!
 Wait, I’ve Heard Of These Things!
Don’t I Need An Elaborate Costume To LARP?
Nope! Fall of Man being a Post-Apocalyptic LARP means you’ll be just fine with a closet cosplay! Especially if you play a human.
I Can’t Afford Any Armor, Weapons,  Or Fancy Nerf Guns Though!
No worry! If you want cheaper armor, Fall of Man’s materials guide gives you a good starting point for scrap to look through. If you want a better melee weapon, look for foam toys at Walmart or Goodwill. You should find something useful for under $10-$20.
With a limited ammunition cap, Fall of Man makes way for niche blasters and limited capacity.
Just go with something small, but effective that stands out to you.
If all else fails, we genuinely allow balled up socks as an alternative to other weaponry.